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Anam Cara

Welcome home.


We are a social guild on the European Sha'tar realm.

The guild was founded in 2009 by seven low-level characters who constantly kept running into each other in Westfall and Duskwood. Five had only recently started playing, and just one of us had a big kick-ass Main to bankroll our little enterprise.

For quite some time we were just a very small levelling guild, plodding along and having fun chatting.

We are very proud that our little band of seven has grown into a full-sized level 25 guild.

Our main objective is to be fair and friendly to everyone, and provide a relaxing gaming atmosphere for our members - whether someone is cruising their umpteenth character to 85 or just starting to play their first level 1. We like to play with the people behind the pixels, not just the character on the screen.

Quite a number of guildies have become friends off-screen as well, and meet up or send each other postcards in real life. We think that's fantastic.

Feel free to have a look around the website, most of our pages don't require a login.

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